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Kermit's Wonderful Skin Cream
Kermit's Wonderful Skin Cream
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Made right here in Iowa City. This is a great choice for dry or chapped skin.

History: While a graduate student & resident in hospital pharmacy during the late 1960's, the inventor researched a number of possible agents for topical treatment of severe human burn wounds. This work was conducted through the auspices of the surgery department in the burn treatment center of a large university teaching hospital. A number of compounds were studied. Serendipity played a role in discovery. One compound stood out among the rest. This product was studied extensively and produced a sizable piece of research and a graduate thesis.

As a spin-off from the above mentioned research work, a search of compatible NATURAL compounds showed great promise. A combination of a group of naturally derived botanical agents indicated a very beneficial effect on healthy but dry chapped skin. These included the "rapid-healing" effects of the active ingredient in comfrey.(Symphytum). This agent, of plant origin , formerly was considered a "barnyard" weed. Another naturally derived active component is Vitamin E which acts as an active anti-oxidant. Finally a Phospholipid is included in the formulation and acts as a re-hydrating & re-moisturizing agent. Both the Vitamin E and the Phospholipid are derived from the common soybean. The above agents are incorporated in a non-greasy hydrophilic base.

Many years later, the inventor owned and operated a community retail pharmacy. Often times, customers would lament the lack of effective skincare products & that were reasonably priced. Usual complaints were related to problems with dry skin, cracking cuticles and red chapped hands. The research of earlier years was recalled and a re-hydrating and healing skincare product was offered to the public.